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Industrial Gloves/Safety Gloves/Multipurpose Gloves


The need

Industrial gloves are widely made use of to make tasks simpler, faster and better. Some of the most common industrial injuries include hand burns, cuts, broken bones, lacerations, piercing of broken materials in hand. Hence most industrial gloves are designed to withstand and prevent such hazardous hand injuries. These safety gloves are usually created with inner and outer layers or thermal insulation layers or waterproof layers with high practicality.

It is usually leather that is chosen to craft industrial work gloves since it offers a high level of abrasion protection. For this reason, at Bison, we have made sure that our Bison Life range of industrial gloves are made for optimum comfort, care and safety. Our gloves come as a stronger barrier of protection and have an advanced chemical resistance.

Bison USA’s Industrial Glove Types

Bison USA’s industrial glove varieties focus on two factors, comfort and protection. One of the key factors that make our gloves a class apart is its durability. Secondly, its breathable material offers extra-comfort to the wearer even while working under hot conditions. Most of Bison Life’s industrial glove types are versatile and can be made of use in a large spectrum of industries.

At Bison we don’t just have our focus toward supplying certified and quality equipment but also make an extra-effort to educate you with the right kind of products that would be able to meet your requirements. Listed below are the types of industrial gloves:

· Bison Life Industrial Work Leather Glove

· Bison Life Polyurethane Gloves/Tire Tech Gloves

· Bison Life Nitrile Clean Room Gloves

· Beauty and Salon Gloves

The industrial work leather gloves are manufactured from Cowhide, Deerskin, Goatskin ad Pigskin. All gloves are available in Knit wrist, Safety Cuff and Gauntlet cuff. Additionally, the gloves also offer sung fit, protects wrist and forearm and ensures easy removal.

The Polyurethane/Tire Tech Gloves protect hands against harsh elements from auto repair whilst leaving your tactile sensed intact. Also, the gloves come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

Bison Life Nitrile Clean Room Gloves are perfect to use in critical work environment. In addition to this, they are snag and puncture resistant for optimum protection in assembly, lab work and electronics handling.

Serving the Right Purpose

Right from hazardous chemical interactions to infections to transmission of bacteria, Bison USA’s industrial glove variety solely aims at safeguarding industrial workers. Designed with a greater rip and tear resistance, these gloves are absolutely reliable and durable, whilst offering exceptional protection against sudden injuries that might occur during work in various industries. They serve the right purpose at the right time with enhanced user comfort being high-priority. Not only do the gloves offer an excellent fit, they also provide superior breathability, dexterity and flexibility.


Listed below are some of the stand-outs of Bison’s industrial gloves:

· Superior work-protection leather gloves.

· Exceptional wrist-protection.

· Added forearm protection for effortless usage.

· Added tactile sensitivity.

· Economic gloves that focus primarily on safety and comfort.

· Puncture-resistant gloves.

· Flexible and durable.