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Routine Examinations to long surgeries

Medical gloves are tough barriers against the transmission of blood borne pathogens and other microbes during examination of patients and during a long surgery process. These gloves are also efficient impediments against cross-contamination and cross-infection. The increased safety measures taken by the current health systems, one of them being routine usage of gloves, have seen a visible decrease in cases of occupational infections.

Medical gloves comprise of two categories. One is the non-sterile examination gloves and sterile surgical gloves. These gloves are evaluated, manufactured and labeled after the approval and clearance of FDA, (Food and Drug Administration. At Bison USA, all of our sterile and non-sterile gloves are FDA approved and are created keeping various factors in mind like chemical resistance, tactile sensitivity, comfort, fit, dexterity and barrier effectiveness.

Our Medical Range Gloves

Bison USA’s medical range of gloves are that of Bison Life’s. All of these gloves come with an FDA 510K certification and are also CE certified. Glove types include a huge selection of powdered, colored, non-sterile, textured, opaque, sterile, powder-free and clear exam gloves in Vinyl, Latex or Nitrile. These gloves come with an extra-comfortable fit that reduce hand fatigue during those long hours of treatment or surgical procedures. In addition to this, the ergonomic design of the glove for both right and left hand fittings, reduce muscle fatigue. Furthermore, the gloves are designed to offer high levels of tactile sensitivity, making surgical processes an effortless task.

Bison Life’s line of gloves are crafted with premium materials and come in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes. Apart from this, they have a soft compound for added comfort if worn over a long period of time, without compromising strength. The gloves are 100% latex-free for those with allergic sensitivities to latex. Listed below are Bison Life’s glove types:

· Bison Life Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves

· Bison Life Powder Free Vinyl Exam Gloves – Stretchy Range.

· Bison Life Powder Free Latex Exam Gloves.

· Bison Life Powder Free Nitrile Exam Gloves.

· Bison Life Powder Free Nitrile Exam Gloves – 8 mill/12”length.

· Bison Life Powder Free Nitrile Exam Gloves – 9”length.

· Bison Life Powdered Latex Exam Gloves.

Featuring the Current Market Trends

Gloves are one of the most important personal protective barriers in the medical industry and are made with utmost care, resulting in improved maintenance of hygiene and hand health. They also ensure reduced risk of transmittal of microbial pathogens. Our gloves posses all of the features required to match the pace of the current, high-quality and extra-protective health care system. Listed below are few of them:

· 100% Latex-free models.

· Powder-free design.

· In order to facilitate comfortable fit for both hand, the gloves come with an ambidextrous finish.

· The medical gloves do not posses toxic materials are absolutely safe to use and are odorless.

· They are skid-resistant and are flexible, making provision for easy surgical procedures and examinations.

· Mostly made use of in the field of dentistry, medical examination, first-aid and healthcare.