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Bison’s quality has always been the deciding factor in earning the patronage of clients worldwide. State of the Art testing facilities. Expert technicians and stringent quality measures are the hallmark of our impeccable quality.

A streamlined Quality assurance process ensures all of our products pass through various levels of inspection before finally being endorsed to ship . Testing procedures comply with NSF , FDA & ASTM standards .The FDA defines performance properties, such as the minimum strength and the level of barrier protection that these products must exhibit. Specific standards and test methods are developed by organizations such as the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). These organizations are generally comprised of scientists and engineers with expertise in the behavior properties of glove materials, manufacturing processes and test methods.

Research & Development

Bison’s R&D teams continually innovate and improve new and existing items allowing us to add new products to our ever increasing product assortment. Our in-house machinery engineers are one of our keys to success allowing us to streamline our production and enabling higher efficiency.

Sustainability is here and now, and at Bison we have made strong inroads by developing products with this in mind. Through our recycling and sustainability measures we meet the changing needs of consumers demands around the world.